Toyota 4Runner Owner's Manuals

The Toyota 4Runner was produced for the American market. As the basis they took the Japanese Hilux pickup. That’s the name of the model in Japan. These cars are produced with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The fourth generation, which was produced until 2009, now has a completely redesigned suspension. There are springs installed in front, rear suspension is dependent and also on springs. Optionally a gas-hydraulic X-reas system can be installed. A choice of all-wheel drive fulltime, multimod or differential lockup transmissions is available. Three engine options will provide confident off-road driving: 4-liter V6, 4.7-liter 32-valve V8 and the old 3.4-liter gasoline or diesel engine. The entire lineup comes with five-speed automatic transmissions. The list of options for the regular configuration includes hill start and hill descent assistant. A third row of seats can be installed for a surcharge.
The fifth generation has been produced since 2009. This is a full-fledged modern SUV, which has a rich electronic functionality, in addition to the standard set for a powerful SUV. As standard, the car has three rows of seats and three drive options: switchable full, regular full or rear. It has a 4-liter motor with 270 horsepower, and an automatic transmission. The 4Runner is equipped with electronic slip control, which will allow to drive out of deep mud.