Toyota 86 Owner's Manuals

A sports car that was developed by two car companies is the Toyota 86.
The model was produced for 9 years, and during that time it underwent several changes. The coupe body is designed for only four seats. The car has only rear-wheel drive, and it is also sold under the Subaru name. It has a Japanese 2 liter engine with 200 hp. The motor runs on a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The engine is not too powerful for a sports car, but due to the lightweight body, Toyota 86 is able to accelerate in 6 seconds up to a hundred.
The last model came out in 2021, it got rid of the old air conditioning controls. They added new features for sporty driving. The manufacturers also took care of safety. There are front and side airbags, child seat mounts, and even a knee airbag for the driver. The new generation introduced a system of dynamic stabilization with the help of electronics. The standard equipment also includes ABS system, safe automatic control of headlights. Cruise control and dual climate control are provided for comfort and relaxed driving. The 2021 model features a 2.4-liter engine with 250 horsepower.