Toyota Avalon Owner's Manuals

The Toyota Avalon is a front-wheel-drive E-class sedan, based on the Camry. But this model is slightly longer and has its own advantages. Since the earliest models, manufacturers have emphasized comfort. Its spacious interior is more like American limousines. However, the model is designed for the American market, hence the features for this car. With the renewal of each generation, new elements of technical improvement and comfort were introduced into the car. The length of the car reaches 5 meters, and the Camry’s boosted motor, slightly more powerful, by 20 horses (210 hp).
The most successful and prestigious model is the 4th generation from 2012. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder B-shaped motor with 270 horsepower and a 6-speed automatic or manual gearbox to choose from. This unit is considered the most expensive. The complete set is cheaper and its hybrid unit with a 2,5-liter atmospheric engine paired with a variator. The cost of such a car started from 30 thousand dollars. In 2015, the Toyota Avalon was restyled, where the car changed externally. It had an electric sunroof, improved the quality of interior materials, and there was a touchscreen display in place of the usual one. For comfort, the two generations are not too different.
The fifth generation is coming out in 2018. It is a brand new presentable car with a length of 4.98 meters of beauty. The front end got a choice of two options. But in either case, the optics are the same and it got a quality safety light, with adaptive adjustment. As before, this model is equipped with a six-cylinder engine with the volume of 3.5. Only now the gearbox is already 8 speeds and it does not require manual shifting. Hybrid unit is not canceled, it can be installed on the gasoline atmospheric engine with a volume of 2.5 liters.