Toyota Aygo Owner's Manuals

The small hatchback, which appeared relatively recently, is winning the hearts of Toyota fans. The small city hatchback has been in production since 2005, when this model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. This car has good aerodynamics, and the small engine and weight of the car allows for decent fuel economy. All generations of Toyota Aygo are equipped with front-wheel drive.
This car is built on the basis of the Citroen C1. The car is available with three and five doors. The cheapness of this car is due to the fact that its configuration, regardless of the year of manufacture, is quite modest. After all, there are not even rear window lifters, the windows are opened as an ordinary window.
Models produced after 2014 are equipped with fuel-efficient diesel engines. All engines come in 1-liter displacement and work with manual and automatic transmissions. This generation has an attractive appearance, relative to past models. The front end resembles the letter “X”. The painting of the car is made of several layers. The roof and the lower part of the doors are painted in one color, the grille merges with the headlights and continues to the side mirrors, they are painted in black. The wheel rims are also different from the main color, most often painted a dark gray shade. These models have a digital touchscreen display, something not found in cars before 2014. Also here installed air conditioning, and for payment heated front seats and rain sensor. On the center console, the manufacturers installed a unique touch panel to control most of the electronic components. Small keys are located around a small screen, which displays the temperature of the cabin and the activated assistants.