Toyota C-HR Owner's Manuals

Beginning in 2013, the manufacturers launched serial production of the C-HR. Initially, the car received 3 doors and a stylish urban crossover design. Its original appearance attracts those around it. The distinctive exterior has 2 body colors, original optics with beautiful diode lighting and blown fenders of the front and rear wheels. Due to the large wheels, the car seems huge, but its compactness is designed for urban maneuvering. Under the hood are simple 1.2-liter atmospheric engines. There are already a lot of electronics in the cabin, including a touchscreen display.
2016 this car begins to be produced in Turkey. And now it has received five doors. This model is equipped with two engines for 1.2 or 2 liters. The first got a turbine and power of 115 horses and all-wheel drive. The two-liter is the simplest, both motors run on a mechanic or variator. This is the latest model in this generation and it has only two trims, “Cool” and “Hot”. Both models have six airbags. The first one has leather seats, dual climate control, multimedia system with a big screen, all kinds of heated windshield and steering wheel, heated seats, rearview cameras, automatic parking and keyless access. The second set has the same features, but without leather seats. This had a significant impact on the cost of the car.