Toyota Corolla Owner's Manuals

The Toyota Corolla is a legendary car. It has been produced for more than 60 years. Throughout its history, the car has changed beyond recognition. With the advent of modern technologies, the Corolla quickly gained momentum in the production of quality cars. The entire lineup consists of 12 generations. During the whole production period Toyota automobile company has produced more than 40 million units of Corolla. The strong breakthrough of the Corolla began with the appearance of the 10th generation in 2006. This model has been produced for seven years. The car was produced in the sedan body, which was loved by many Europeans. There is a hatchback body on the same platform, but it is a different Toyota model.
Such models are equipped with several types of engines and automatic gearshift at extra cost. Climate control is installed for comfort. A simple safety system includes front airbags.
The next model changed generations and was produced until 2018. This version was produced internationally. Here is a completely different platform and completely redesigned exterior and interior. This model was produced in the body of a sedan and a hatchback, a station wagon, but under a different name. For some time, hybrid models were produced for the Asian car market. A few years before it was discontinued, the 11th generation Toyota Corolla received a restyling. These cars have simple 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter engines working with a 5-speed manual. Corolla 11-th generation received a roomy interior. Torpedo made in the original style, with a small visor over the information and control systems.
The 2018 Toyota Corolla is the latest twelfth generation. It was presented in New York. This car is intended for America, the model is based on the old platform, but with a modified design.