Toyota FJ Cruiser Owner's Manuals

Modeled after the ’60s model, Toyota is starting to produce an SUV with a unique look. It is a high car – the ground clearance is 24 cm, which is suitable for driving on the beach or off-road. Fresh models have five doors, but the rear doors are so narrow that it’s hard to get into the back row. That’s why they open in the opposite direction and there are no middle stanchions. The Fj is equipped with quite powerful engines, although the car weighs a little less than a full SUV. So there is a 4-liter v6 with 240 hp. The restyled models have got a boosted engine.
The new Fj Cruiser has a modern look, but with a twist on the old model. It has round headlights, but with new optics and lenses. The large bumpers are separated from the body in black, along with the sill plates and wheel arches. The roof is also different from the body color, it is painted only white and can be removed if necessary. The roof has an additional luggage compartment for carrying things, because there is not much space in the main compartment.
Being in the interior, it seems that you are sitting in a large cube, and the interior trim is a bit rectangular in shape. There are handles on the front pillars, because the roof is made of plastic and is not very reliable. In last generations there are modern chips in the form of the big display, double climate and automatic transmission. There is also a multimedia steering wheel.