Toyota Hilux Owner's Manuals

For decades, Toyota has been striving to create the perfect pickup truck, which will be absolutely no worse than American pickup legends. And it looks like they succeeded in it for 8 generations of the vehicle. The peak of progress of the modern truck began after 2004. During 11 years one pickup was produced. Only once during these years Hilux underwent changes. Nevertheless, it is a two-row pickup, which has all-wheel drive and front axle switching. It’s also got a multimedia system, climate control, anti-towing system, and anti-blocking system. It can be equipped with rain and light sensors, additional airbags, heated and electrically operated front seats for extra charge.
The last generation has been produced since 2015. It has become a popular Japanese pickup, which is designed for many countries. This model has gained the ability to lock the differential. The maximum payload of the 2015+ Toyota Hilux is 815 kilograms maximum. The motors in it have 150, 165 and 200 horsepower. There is a choice of automatic or manual transmission.
The car company is also introducing electric motors in this model. This is very important because with its good equipment and lifting power, the car consumes at least 13 liters of gasoline.