Toyota Land Cruiser Owner's Manuals

Meeting the Land Cruiser on the road today, it’s hard to imagine that this car was produced for military purposes. The model has gone through a lot of changes, and only the latest models have become incredibly popular in different car markets.
Toyota Land Cruiser 100, is considered the most successful of all its predecessors. For this car there were queues gathered near the showrooms. First of all, the car can boast a high level of reliability. The body is assembled on a frame with elements of high strength. There is an independent suspension of all wheels. There are not many engines to install, but they are designed for power: A 6-cylinder 4.5-liter and a 4.7-liter V8 motor. Also offered a more economical option on diesel fuel. They are offered with a 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. After this model begins production of no less popular generation. In 2008, the 9th generation Land Cruiser rolled off the assembly line. This car was produced for 12 years until 2020. Produced only in Japan, the model turned out to be very successful. In comparison with its predecessor this one is much bigger and roomier. There are two versions of the body designed for five or seven seats. Leather seats and automatic transmission are installed from the factory. The car has received a round shape body, beautiful front end with expensive twin-lens optics, high front bumper and wide grille.
By 2021, the 10th generation of the all-wheel drive SUV will be released. This car has a good set of electronics for maximum comfort. The interior is made with the highest quality materials. Safety is performed at a high level and has the maximum rating according to international standards.