Toyota Matrix Owner's Manuals

According to statistics, more than half of Toyota Matrix owners are women. The manufacturer has built this car with just that in mind. This car has become so non-standard that it has opened a new class “SPU”. The Matrix is based on the Corolla. The car is functional and has a pleasant appearance.
Toyota Matrix has always been available in three configurations, with add-ons and standard. In 2007, the car entered the world market at the exhibition in Las Vegas. After that, the second generation comes out, where it is possible to install all-wheel drive. Exterior of the car is decorated with large bumpers, they give a sporty look and improved aerodynamics. The front headlights are almost like the Corolla, but with a larger angle. In the cabin, everything is simple and clear, the model has a digital display and a minimal set of adjustments and switches. The usual equipment has air conditioning, media system and emergency brake assistant. A sunroof and a more powerful 10-horsepower engine are available separately.
The model can be purchased as a hatchback or station wagon. At the same time, they are almost identical. The station wagon has a more rectangular shape of the trunk, and the front is untouched. In both variants, the rear seats fold down, which significantly increases the cargo space.