Toyota Mirai Owner's Manuals

A unique Japanese hydrogen-powered car. Its first introduction took place in 2013. Its sales started in 2014. “Toyota Mirai” has no model range. In total, the production has produced 700 cars, 400 of which are planned to be sold in Japan.
This model has a unique exterior design, the engineers really tried, the car of the future came out on the glory. The windshield connects to the panoramic roof. From the factory they are tinted and provide good illumination. The front has narrow headlights that go into the front fenders. Additional LED lighting highlights the contour of the bumper and fender.
The main feature of the hydrogen unit is a device where a chemical reaction of hydrogen and air takes place, after the connection, electric power is generated. The efficiency of such an engine reaches 80%, compared to the standard 30% for an internal combustion engine. In fact, this technology was partially introduced back in 1992. The Toyota Highlander installed fuel cells to run on hydrogen. This model is based on the Toyota Prius. The front suspension is independent, and the rear suspension is based on torsion and it is semi dependent.
The Toyota Mirai has a range of 480 km and can be filled up in just a couple of minutes. Its acceleration to a hundred is only 9 seconds. In general, the appearance is different from modern models, but this one does not stand out as something special.