Toyota Prado Owner's Manuals

Starting from the very first models, Toyota has been producing a full-fledged SUV. This car has a high cross-country capability in harsh conditions. Distributed model appeared in 2002. Its production lasted for 7 years. Design development was carried out by a French design studio. The model was produced as a five-door and three-door body. The car has a rear air suspension and adaptive shock absorbers. There is a choice of two engines to install: a 2.7 liter 150 hp gasoline and a 6-cylinder 3.4 liter. There is also a turbocharged 3-liter diesel.
In 2009, the fourth generation of the large frame SUV appeared. The car has all-wheel drive from the factory with the ability to lock the differential. Now the model can, is equipped with three rows of seats. The body has been refined, it has gained a sporty look, quality optics with lenses and LED headlight illumination.
The fourth generation has a wide range of equipment – 10 varieties. The simplest one (Classic). It has six airbags, standard air conditioner, heated steering wheel and light sensor. It also has 8 speakers and regular stereo. The richest model has a full electric package and additionally – rear pneumatic suspension, ventilated front seats, electronic sunroof, and different assistants for driver. “Toyota Prado is equipped with automatic and manual transmissions.