Toyota Prius Owner's Manuals

After the appearance of the hybrid model Toyota Prius, the perception of this car has changed for many car enthusiasts. The lineup appeared back in the late 90’s, but fresh models are gaining high popularity. High popularity of this brand begins with the appearance of the 3rd generation in 2009. It was this model that launched the high-tech Toyota Prius. The manufacturer stated that the consumption with the hybrid unit “HSD” (82 hp) and atmospheric engine 1.8 liters, is only 4 liters of gasoline per 100 km of run.
The 2015 generation has changed significantly in appearance. The corners of the body have become sharpened. The panoramic roof is installed only to order. In general, the car has become similar to a sedan. The main headlights have changed, and automatic controls have been added to it. “Toyota” is considered a safe car, this is proven by crash tests and other various tests. There are 7 airbags in the cabin. The expensive configuration has leather seats, dual climate control, navigation system integrated into the media system. The front seats are heated and electronically adjustable. The safety system manufacturers added cruise control, rain sensors, keyless access. This car is produced to this day. The model was restyled in 2018, but with minor updates. Its advantage is the installed batteries, which are designed for cold climates, so the life of the batteries will last. For an additional fee, you can install all-wheel drive, with automatic recharging. With so many units, the interior of Toyota Prius can safely accommodate 5 adults. The trunk is also roomy, even if the rear row of seats is not unfolded.