Toyota Sequoia Owner's Manuals

A relatively new SUV from the first generations is equipped with a good level of equipment. “Toyota Sequoia” has only two generations. The first one is equipped with on-board computer, climate control, multi steering wheel and high-quality audio system. Climate is already designed for rear passengers. There is no cabin filter, so the ventilation of the cabin is provided through the trunk. The car has three rows of seats, which are very easy to remove and install. In turn, the second row is also foldable, which allows you to significantly increase the luggage compartment. This model drives on rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive is optional.
The second generation model was produced for 15 years. The car is designed for the markets of America and the Middle East. In this model, the installed engines with 8 cylinders and a capacity of 4.6 liters are popular. Throughout the time, the model was updated several times. As it evolved, automatic emergency braking was installed in the car, and the brakes here are disc brakes on all wheels, with 4 cylinders on each. Safety Sense has been implemented for frontal collision warning. Adaptive cruise control will help not to leave your lane. There are 7 seats in the cabin, which can be folded as desired, but except for the driver’s seat. Blind spot monitoring has been added to the safety system, due to the all-around vision system. After the 2015 update, the Sequoia is equipped with a premium interior with the highest possible equipment.