Toyota Tacoma Owner's Manuals

The Toyota Tacoma is not a mass-produced Japanese pickup truck. Only three generations of this model have been produced in its history. The main bias of the manufacturer is on its cargo capacity, and then already comfort and drivability. This car has proven itself in the American market. Already in the first generation, the car has an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive is optional.
The second generation was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. Now the Tacoma has increased in size and got more powerful units. And the interior has been upgraded with leather seats and air conditioning. In 2012, the model got facelisting and some electronic components were added, for example, there is a color display on the console, steering wheel buttons appeared, and the dashboard has a nice look. Also the pickup is now equipped with two rows of seats.
In 2015, the Tacoma 3 comes out. It is a full-fledged modern car, but with a large payload. Its purpose is to conquer American roads. For new buyers, there is a wide range of choices for individual equipment. You can buy from three cab options, two gearbox options and a choice of suitable drive. The most expensive version has an undervalued clearance beautiful skirts. Restyling of the model appeared in 2018. This car got a technological interior, it has modern gadgets, increased safety based on intelligent assistants and just a cozy interior with good visibility.