Toyota Tundra Owner's Manuals

The Toyota Tundra, a car from the Japanese manufacturer, has proven itself for many years before the advent of modern computer chips. This model is aimed at the American market, and it is a serious competitor to the Ford F150. Every year, Toyota Tundra sold from 100 thousand copies. An interesting fact is that the 2000 model has rear doors that open to the other side. This allows it to fit large loads in the back row. But there is no middle strut here, and with time the body can sag, because the metal has the property of “fatigue”.
The second generation Tundra was produced until 2014. It is a beautiful two-row pickup truck. It has three body options: two-door, four-door, and a larger four-door cab. Such a beast is capable of towing up to 4.5 tons. The body of the truck is fully welded and has a combined frame. The brakes are designed specifically for heavy loads: the front has four pistons and ventilated discs.
The next generation after 2008 has a very wide range of equipment. 44 options for three cabs. The sales of the car increased by more than 15%. The car has acquired the titles “Pickup Truck of the Year 2008”. By 2010, the Tundra is getting a new look. It received a lot of chrome, big wheels and enlarged twin-cab. The main goal of the manufacturer is to provide the consumer with maximum functionality and durability if the car is used for commercial purposes. The interior is equipped with basic comfort needs. The front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating. The upholstery is highlighted by wood inserts.
The model, produced after 2014, dramatically changed the exterior and interior. Even in the regular configuration, the car got a good set for the full work of this hard worker.