Toyota Yaris Owner's Manuals

A model that positions itself as a compact hatchback. It is in demand in the European and American markets. The small car has earned a rating from the army, thanks to its low fuel consumption and comfortable interior. The model appeared in 1996, but one of the best-selling models was the second generation, which was produced until 2013. This car always dramatically changes its appearance. With the emergence of the latest technology Yaris electronic chips.
The third Toyota Yaris is offered in three- and five-door body styles. They are equipped with 3-cylinder engines, working with a variator or a conventional manual transmission. Already in 2011, this model received a hybrid setup. In 2013 and 2017, the car was restyled, and a powerful engine with a supercharger with 210 horsepower was added here. Also, this model looks like a station wagon. Its body size is larger than last generation, but this Yaris has become of little interest to consumers.
Yaris for the Asian market is presented in the sedan body. Its appearance of the same generation is very different.
The fourth generation of the model received an aggressive front end of the car. The main body color is different from the roof, it is painted black. The car began production in 2020 and a lot of electronics have been added here, compared to past models. Hybrid units are already installed here in addition to the atmospheric engines.