Volkswagen Golf Owner's Manuals

The VW Golf is a compact youth hatchback with a distinctive sporty design, introduced to the public in 2019. The car belongs to the C-Class and it is already the eighth generation since 1974.
The car has a fairly wide range of power units: petrol, diesel and even hybrid. Diesel engines with a capacity of 1.6 and 2.0 liters are available. The petrol engines are represented by the lineup with the volumes of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 liters. The developers are promising to add engines that run on gas. It concerns the “charged” and all-wheel drive Golf. The power units will be combined with a six-speed manual transmission
Another surprise for users will be the eHybrid motor, which will be paired with a robotized DSG.
The exterior of the car has the typical outlines of its predecessors, but there are still some innovations. The basic lighting is made in the form of narrowed headlights. The lines of the running lights complement the grille and emphasize the modern design of the car. The filling of the lights consists of LED lights. Ribs on the plane of the front bumper minimize air resistance.
The interior of the VW Golf is made in the classic style. There are high-quality materials for the seat upholstery and a handy joystick for the gearbox. The 8-inch display of the multimedia system is located above the deflectors. The instrument panel is represented by a digital unit.
The car is equipped with all the necessary systems that ensure the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. There are airbags, full electric package, one-zone climate control, adaptive suspension. The car is equipped with the options of lane control and the rear video camera, which makes driving safer.
Top models are equipped with the option of controlling the car with a smartphone, which allows you to start the engine and open without a key through a special program.