Volkswagen ID.3 Owner's Manuals

The ID 3 is a compact electric hatchback with rear-wheel drive, corresponding to the C class. The model is the first generation of the electric car, which was introduced by the German concern in 2019. MED
The production used the MEB modular platform, also called the “skateboard platform”. The car is the successor of Beetle and Golf. Under the bottom there is a flat battery. At the front, the manufacturers placed the air conditioning compressor, as well as the steering rack. The main elements of the system, namely gearbox, synchronous electric motor and engine electronics are located on the aft side. There are three options of battery capacity: 45, 58 and 77 kW, which allows driving distances from 330km to 550 km on a single charge. The electric motor produces 204 and 310 horsepower.
The exterior of the car is quite recognizable and looks little like the traditional shapes and lines of VW. The main difference is the absence of the radiator grille. The headlights are connected by an illuminated line.
The front console has a rather large set of controls and monitoring elements. The multimedia touchscreen display with a 10-inch diagonal is slightly directed towards the driver. Instead of the standard tunnel, the designers marked several spacious niches. The mirrors drive and the emergency system are represented by touch buttons. Not surprisingly, the space inside the car designers called Open Space. It is comfortable and convenient, there is space for all the little things that need to be at hand on the road.