Volkswagen ID.5 Owner's Manuals

The ID.5 is an electric SUV from the German manufacturer in the form of a coupe and a continuation of the ID range. The car is made on the same platform as the Audi Q4. The new model does not differ much from the previous one.
Visually we can note the shape of the roof and the stern. The SUV has changed slightly in dimensions, namely it has added 3 cm in length. There is an antifender instead of the rear window wiper. Thanks to the streamlined design, the developers managed to reduce aerodynamic drag.
The front is distinguished by the absence of a radiator grille. The squinting headlights are connected to each other by a chrome illuminated overlay. The air intake adds muscular and predatory character to the exterior. The black large-meshed mesh net underscores the style and character of the vehicle.
A slightly lowered roof has reduced the space for passengers in the back row. Running volume.
In comparison with the previous model, the software of the multimedia system has improved slightly. The trunk volume is still quite spacious and has added 5L to the previous indicator – 549L.
The car comes with an 11kW charger. ID Charger allows you to charge the car within 7.5 hours. The manufacturer claims a full charge from the fast station for half an hour.
The minimum battery capacity of the vehicle is 77 kW. The SUVs are produced with rear and front-wheel drive. The manufacturer has introduced Pro, Pro and Performance GTX versions. The last variant occupies the top position in terms of power and hides 299 horsepower in its heart.