Volkswagen Passat Owner's Manuals

The VW Passat is a mid-size car, which was presented on the market in several body variations: a station wagon, a four-door sedan, and a station wagon. The original model was introduced in 2014. The restyled car was introduced in 2019.

In addition to power units the car got a new interior, an upgraded multimedia system and semi-automatic autopilot.
A new feature is the driver assistance system known as IQ Drive. The system combines Lane Departure Warning, Parking Assist, Cruise Control, and Lane Keeping Assist.
The exterior retains the traditional outlines. Among the changes, the shape of the main lighting with improved filling attracts attention. The design of the headlights is different thanks to a border of LED running lights. The radiator grille has been enlarged and its junction with the hood is emphasized by a horizontal rib. The bumper has received clearer curves and the logo is placed on the trunk lid.
The overall dimensions have not changed and, depending on the body, range from 1,456 to 1,477 mm in height. The length is standard 4775 mm. Clearance of the model does not exceed 145 mm. The car is equipped with independent suspension. Adaptive DCC struts with new settings are available as an alternative.
The range of engines has also been changed. The VW Passat engines comply with environmental specifications.
Diesel engines are equipped with diesel particulate filters. The new engine is the 2-liter TDI with 150 horsepower. The range of petrol power units includes 1.5 and 2-liter TSI. The developers didn’t refuse hybrid versions. Engineers have equipped the car with a 1,4-liter engine with a 115-horsepower electric motor.