2023 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual

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2023 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual

Honda CR-V is a car that belongs to the crossover class. The exterior, in comparison with previous models, has not undergone any changes. The radiator grille has been slightly increased and the front headlights have been narrowed.

The new feature of 2023 Honda CR-V is that the headlights are connected by an LED line. Basically the interior of the vehicle has been transformed. In the center now there is a mesh insert which hides the deflectors. The upper part is occupied by the multimedia screen, which has a pretty impressive size. The dashboard is analog, with a small on-board computer display.

The decor is made with alumel inserts. And the interior is trimmed with quality perforated leather. There is enough space inside to accommodate 7 people. In many ways the interior is similar to Honda Civic and HR-V models. The power plant of the car is gasoline turbocharged 1.5 liter engine, which generates 193 horsepower. It is supposed to be a hybrid version of the engine.

The price with an internal combustion engine will be $26,800 thousand. And with hybrid unit we can count on 32,110 thousand dollars. The main competitors and similar models from other manufacturers are: Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue.

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