Ford Bronco Owner's Manuals

Back in 1967, the first model of the legendary Ford Bronco appeared. It turned out quite reliable with its simplicity. The production run of this model was only 18 thousand copies. It was equipped with a six-cylinder engine and a three-speed gearbox. In 1977, the next model appeared, which the new owners did not like very much. It was very similar to the F-150 model. After only 1 year of production, this model was discontinued. Beginning in 1980, a pickup truck appeared in which part of the roof was made of plastic and could be removed. This generation has established itself as a highly cross-country vehicle. Some owners consider this model as the most successful because of its appearance. This model was produced until 1988.
The fourth generation generation began production in 1987. The car has lost its unique design, and now it does not stand out from the mass of American cars. This generation is made for the off-road bias. Here they installed an eight-cylinder engine with 210 horsepower. Two airbags and new seats were installed as standard equipment. It is possible to adjust the steering wheel position. Ford Bronco was produced until 1996, after which the production of this model ceased for 23 years. Only in 2020, the last generation appeared. In it, the company tried to keep the famous appearance of the legendary model, but only with the use of modern technology and features, which the manufacturer has quite succeeded.