RAM 1500 Owner's Manuals

The RAM 1500 first saw the light of day back in 2012 and was remembered for its arsenal of eight-speed automatic gearbox and six-cylinder engine. The interior has also taken on new colours owing to modified materials of which it is made and a modern (at that time) multimedia system. What makes it different from other pickups? At least, a large chrome grille, together with a peculiar cross – two overlays and the logo of the automobile company. It’s quite noticeable that the developers like to use chrome not only for decoration of the small details, but also to use it for sills and bumper of their child.
Of course, a whole decade has passed since this model was launched, and the vehicle has changed a lot. For example, in 2021, the creators of the pickup made aluminum and high-quality steel the main materials of the vehicle. The fourth generation just really shone with an abundance of colors to choose from, namely, silver, metallic, granite, dark blue, cherry, dark green, red, and others. The automobile company took care that any wish of the client was taken into account, which cannot but make you happy.