Ford F-150 Owner's Manuals

The most beloved car of Americans is the Ford F150. Americans have always loved pickup trucks. They are used not only for transporting goods, but also for everyday trips. The leader among the world’s pickups, of course, is Ford.
The very first F-150 model appeared in 1948, it was produced for 4 years. It was a light truck, with a payload up to 750 kilograms. The whole line included eight vehicles – regular pickups, commercial vans. The same on this platform, but reinforced, buses and fire trucks were produced. The F-2 model received a new cabin. The company spent more than $ 1 million to purchase equipment and develop this cab. The cabin was a little more spacious with better visibility, unlike the previous model F-1. For an additional cost, one could install a windshield washer, taillight, and additional sun visor. Such equipment was considered rich in those days. These models were praised by owners: the car is soft due to the rubber spacers under the cab, and it is easy to drive. Suspension was with leaf springs and drum brakes without booster. The engine was 3.7 liter with an output of 95 hp, which worked with a 3 speed manual.
In 1953, the evolution of the “F” began to evolve rapidly. The F 1, 2, 3 merged into the F-250, and the F-4 became the F-350. These names remained until our time. The new model technically has not changed much, but there is a power steering and automatic transmission. Exterior design has changed a little, it acquired more rounded shape. For better visibility appeared panoramic rear and windshield.
The third generation was produced since 1957, they received new cabs, larger than the previous ones. Also new headlights with four lanterns were added. The old engine was replaced by 4.8L with 8 cylinders and 185 horsepower. The company began installing all-wheel drive transmission with a two-speed transfer gearbox. The fourth generation was not much in demand, probably because of the integrated cab or welding and painting economy, so after 4 years it was phased out. In 1964, all pickups began production on a heavier frame. The models with this platform turned out to be successful. The rear suspension no longer had springs, but there was an independent suspension.
The fifth generation appeared in 1967. The demand for pickups increased a lot, and people used them as everyday cars. That is why the manufacturer focused on comfort and handling. And again the cab size was increased In the sixth generation the car began to be heavily advertised all over the country. There was an automobile boom of pickups. Cars became modern and aspired to get new technology. Since the early ’80s, a completely redesigned F-150 vehicle appeared. Typical rectangular headlights, big cab and already leather seats.
Today, the Ford F-150 is one of the most popular and technologically advanced vehicles that Americans still adore and call it America’s premier car.