Kia EV6 Owner's Manuals

The newest electric car from the Kia automobile concern has caused a lot of positive emotions at the exhibition in the USA. At the same time, the cost is even a little bit alarming, the basic complete set starts from $42,000, and more expensive equipment reaches $60,000. Only three kinds of kitting are made: Light, Wind, and GT-Line. The first one is available only with a rear drive, the others with all-wheel drive. The power of the usual electric car is 170 horsepower, and the range is 370 km. The GT version was faster than the famous Mercedes, Lamborghini and Ferrari, which is surprising. So, the Kia EV6 GT’s acceleration to a hundred is 3.5 seconds.
“The Kia EV6 is based on the Hyundai Ionic, but this platform is for electric motors and batteries only, unlike previous generations where hybrids were installed. A clear advantage among competitors is the charging architecture, which allows the EV6 to charge to 80% in 18 minutes (at 800 volts). This means that in just 5 minutes you can charge the car for more than 110 km of range. From a 240 volt home mains, the car will stay charged for 7 hours. Another advantage is that the excess energy can be used to power external devices.
The interior has a modern torpedo with dual digital screens, for multimedia and instrumentation of the car. The quality of materials is of a high level. The seats are upholstered in velour or leather. The safety system is equipped with the maximum possible set of functions. The front seats have very strong plastic backrests, and their small thickness increases the space for the legs of the rear passengers. The EV6 has the option of an augmented reality projection display on the windshield.