Nissan Pathfinder Owner's Manuals

This car belongs to the class of full-size crossovers. Earlier it was produced as a medium-sized crossover. It is available with a 5-door SUV body type. In total, there are five generations of Nissan Pathfinder.
The exterior design is almost completely transformed to modern standards. The only exception is the recognizable V-shaped chrome grille. The most noticeable change has touched the headlights – now the headlights are in two levels. The side view immediately indicates the presence of a third row of seats. Also the number of curves and various lines is minimized. Already in basic version the interior is made of quality fabric paneling. And it has 8 seats. If you compare with previous models, the cabin now has more space and it became much more comfortable. There is a considerable multimedia screen of 8 inches (already in the base). Installed premium speakers Bose, the number of which reaches 13. Drive the car will be an atmospheric engine, the volume of which is 3.5 liters. Generates 288 horsepower. And a definite plus of the new Pathfinder is that the engine will work with an automatic transmission with 9 steps. There can be versions with both front and all-wheel drive. Pricing for previous models ranged from $31,980,000 to $44,910,000. The new Pathfinder will cost a couple thousand more. First of all, the developers want it to be affordable. It will compete with the following similar cars in this segment: Jeep Patriot, Honda Pilot, Volvo XC90. Kia Mohave.