Nissan Xterra Owner's Manuals

This car belonged to the models with the SUV body type. There are 2 generations of Nissan Xterra in total. It is built on a similar platform to the Nissan Frontier pickup – Nissan F-Alpha.
The new models are designed for driving on roads with difficult terrain, while comfort is sacrificed. The car is able to drive on rocky terrain without damaging the suspension. One of the few models, which bravely competes with the legendary, in this segment, Jeep. Ground clearance is an impressive 23 centimeters. The car works on all-wheel drive. The suspension keeps the ride as stable as possible off-road. The Xterra is powered by a 4.0 liter engine with high power output. It can be paired with a manual transmission, which is characterized by slow shifting. The automatic transmission, on the other hand, is quite fast and smooth. Xterra can be compared with Jeep Wrangler. But the latter is supposed to remove the doors and roof. The Nissan does not have this feature. But they are equally unique in terms of performance for off-road driving. It comes in three configurations. And the price now ranges from $16,683 to $20,000. But that’s for the newest b\u models, since the car has already been discontinued.