2020 Volkswagen Sharan Owner's Manual

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2020 Volkswagen Sharan Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen Sharan has a new range of power units: the petrol engines of the TSI series with direct injection and turbocharging develop a maximum power of 150 to 200 hp, the diesel engines with common rail systems and supercharging develop 140 to 170 hp. Manual and robotized (DSG, with two clutches) transmissions are available.

Volkswagen Charan can be five-seater (two rows of seats), six-seater (three rows, seating formula “2 +2 +2”) or seven-seater (three rows of seats, seating formula “2 +3 +2”). In the latter case, to facilitate access to the third row of seats is a system of automatic folding seats of the second row EasyFold.

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