2020 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

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2020 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

Mazda 6 Combi is a front- or all-wheel drive Class “D” station wagon. The second restyling of the third generation of the model. The car in the wagon body was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018.

Restyled version of the Mazda 6 wagon in terms of appearance is almost identical to the sedan: the design of the front grille has also changed (different chrome trim, instead of horizontal bars – cells), headlights (became narrower), front bumper (horizontal chrome bars appeared, but the front fog lamps disappeared). “Profile” of the car looks pretty fast because of the sloping line of glazing (in addition, an element of design – but not only – are the rails on the roof, the station wagon – 25 mm higher). As for the design of the “stern”, the wagon inherited it almost entirely from the previous model (except for the bumper, which is now fully painted). Interesting is that the size of the wheelbase of the wagon is less than that of the sedan – 2750 vs. 2830 mm, respectively, and the length is less (4805 vs. 4870 mm).

The Mazda6 station wagon is longer, wider and slightly taller than its predecessor, with a longer wheelbase and more interior space.

Lead the way – with the new Mazda 6 Wagon.

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