Dodge Journey Owner's Manuals

The Dodge Journey is a unique car from the famous American manufacturer that combines the qualities of a minivan and an SUV. The car is distinguished by its solidity, spacious interior and luxurious finishing.
The restyled model was introduced in 2010. The car is made on the platform of the Caliber crossover. The external characteristics give the car power and severity. Wide wheel arches, massive body, lines on the hood emphasize American confidence and power.
Only quality materials were used for finishing. The upholstery of the seats is made of genuine leather. The chrome elements in the design add a luxurious look. The car is equipped with many functions, which provide a safe and comfortable driving. Comfort in the cabin is achieved through the use of three-zone climate control. The buttons on the multifunction steering wheel are located both on the front side and on the bottom. This configuration ensures comfort for the person behind the wheel regardless of height and parameters.
Clearance of 192 mm allows the car to overcome the uneven pavement.
The interior of the car is characterized by the availability of free space. The car provides five seats, but alternatively it is available to increase the number to seven. The second row is made in the form of a sofa, rather than separate seats.
In the interior, the plastic elements have been replaced by a higher-quality material. The driver’s seat is equipped with an electric drive. The steering wheel is covered with fine leather, and the buttons to control the car’s options are installed on it.
After the restyling, the suspension has been replaced and the car is equipped with a 6-cylinder 3.6-liter power unit. The engine is paired with an electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmission.