Mazda RX-8 Owner's Manuals

The Mazda RX-8 was launched in 2003 to critical acclaim, offering a unique look that combines with Mazda’s quirky technology in a way that appeals to a wider audience. With four seats and, importantly, four doors, it has found its place in company fleets and family driveways in numbers that rotary-powered Mazda has not previously achieved in England, for example.
The Mazda RX-8 is now a bargain for car enthusiasts and a modern classic waiting to happen. There are many alternatives you might consider, but the most obvious ones are its main rival, the Nissan 350Z, as well as the BMW 3-Series, Alfa Romeo GT and perhaps the last of the Ford Cougars, evoking nostalgia for the early noughties.
Almost every used Mazda RX-8 you find has amazing value to offer as a performance car, but it’s not the kind of car you can buy on a whim. What the exterior trends alone don’t stray one step from modern trends. The impression of impudence and some aggressiveness is created thanks to narrow strips of illumination devices and flexible lines of a cowl.