Nissan Maxima Owner's Manuals

Nissan Maxima is a car of full-size class. It is produced with a 5-door sedan body type. Earlier it was produced as a compact and middle class model. In total there are 8 generations.
The newest models, externally, have almost no resemblance to their predecessors. The design is quite aggressive. A huge radiator grille, on which the edges of the LED optics are superimposed. Headlights goes over the fenders. In the cabin most of the elements are trimmed with leather, also as a decor are used wooden inserts. There is a lot of space both in the front and in the back – people of different complexion will feel comfortable. The steering wheel is branded with many adjustment buttons. In the center there is a touch screen multimedia and navigation system, size 8 inches. The trunk comes with a volume of 400 liters, but in the basic configuration there is no possibility to fold the rear seats to increase it. The engine here is installed alone. True, it was already in the previous models, but still it has been refined a little bit. The generated power became 300 horsepower, and its volume is 3.5 liters. The motor works with the Xtronik transmission, it is continuously variable. Fuel consumption for such an engine is pleasant in the city it consumes 10.7 liters, and 7.8 on the highway. Maxima model is available for the U.S. market with 5 options. Depending on this, the price will range from $34,250 to $42,680. This model is similar and competes with the following cars from other manufacturers: Toyota Camry, Cadillac CTS, Honda Accord, Lexus ES. Chevrolet Malibu.