2017 Nissan Maxima Owner's Manual

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2017 Nissan Maxima Owner's Manual

The task that the creators of the seventh generation of the car Nissan Maxima A35 (Nissan Maxima A35) set themselves was ambitious enough – to make the sedan as dynamic and high-speed as possible. To implement the project, a team of developers went to Germany, to the legendary track Nurburgring. Engineers, who developed GT-R coupe before that, took part in fine-tuning of the model.

The car Nissan Maxima is built on a platform of Nissan D-Platform, which had already been used in the fourth generation of Nissan Altima and the second Nissan Murano. In comparison with the Maxima of the 6th generation, the rigidity of the body has been increased by 15%. The front spar and subframe have been replaced, and for Sport and Premium versions, behind the rear seats an additional transverse bracing has been installed.

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