Toyota Venza Owner's Manuals

The young five-seat Toyota Venza crossover appears on the American market in 2008. It is based on the platform of the Camry. Representatives of the concern say that the car is designed for young families who love outdoor activities. This model is more of a large station wagon than a crossover, but the point is that the car perfectly copes with any needs. In 2012, there was a slight restyling of the exterior design and finalized the multimedia system. The model was originally intended for America, but in 2013 it was intensively sold in European markets. After the restyling the Venza received a new 2.7 liter engine with 185 hp and a 6-speed automatic. The next generation will be produced only with a hybrid setup. For a unit without an electric motor, the consumption is up to 8 liters per hundred.
The interior of the car is comfortable to be in. The quality of materials is average and reminiscent of the Toyota Avensis trim, but with its own style. The manufacturers have installed a minimal set of components. They include airbags, ABS, heated steering wheel and seats, and the usual air conditioning. The advantage is the expensive multimedia system and the new optics system. Also from the factory, the car has large wheels measuring 20 inches, which is driven only by front-wheel drive.