2019 Ford Expedition Owner's Manual

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2019 Ford Expedition Owner's Manual

The powerful engine provides the Ford Expedition with amazing dynamics. The independent rear suspension, unique in this class of vehicle, gives the model excellent handling both on and off-road, and makes any trip comfortable. The all-wheel-drive system analyzes torque and slippage 50 times per second, redistributing power between the wheels depending on how much traction they have.

The computer-controlled Advance Trac (R) Electronic Stability System uses an array of sensors to determine when the Ford Expedition’s wheels begin to slide. By braking one of the wheels, the system regains control of the vehicle on any road surface. The personal safety system signals the driver and passenger 2-stage frontal airbags to deploy in the event of a collision.

The spacious interior of the Ford Expedition with luxurious leather trim meets the highest requirements. The standard configuration includes 3 rows of seats. Thus, 8 people with luggage can be easily accommodated in the vehicle. The integrated parking sensor makes it easier to park in tight spaces.

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