2019 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

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2019 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

Perhaps the most important innovation of the updated NissanLeaf is the new electric motor with reduced content of dysprosium and other rare-earth elements, which spares the environment during both production and disposal. Japanese engineers combined the motor with an upgraded inverter and DC/DC converter. As a result, the combined unit occupies 30% less under-hood space and has lost 10% of its weight. Nissan used lightweight parts in the battery pack as well, making the Leaf 80kg lighter than its predecessor, increasing its mileage to 200km in the European and 228km in the Japanese cycle.

Interestingly, the NissanLeaf driver can switch between the 100-percent Long Distance Mode, where the settings are optimized to cover the longest distance, and the 80-percent Long Life Mode, where the mileage per charge is lower, but the battery life is extended.

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