Ford Explorer Owner's Manuals

Since the beginning of the 90’s, Ford began production, the legendary to this day, off-road vehicle Ford Explorer. The first model range was available in three door or five door body. The Explorer was equipped with a six-cylinder engine with 155-17 hp. The transmission was manual and front wheel drive. An automatic transmission and all-wheel drive were also available as options. The same model starred in the famous movie about dinosaurs.
In 1994, it was time to update the generation. The exterior received plastic skirts that rounded out the SUV’s shape, and the interior became more spacious and comfortable. The main unit has been worked on, and now the engine is designed for 205 horses. The main advantage of this model is the transmission of three types: all-wheel drive Full time AWD with no downshift, Part-time from the first generation and three-mode ControlTrac with full functionality.
The third generation received an independent rear suspension. Production started at the beginning of 2000. An automatic five-speed transmission works with the engine. The main feature of the Explorer 3 – is the appearance of the third row of seats, a total of seven seats.
2005-2010, the Explorer 4 generation was produced. It received many upgrades, almost all components have been modified. Durability of the body was improved by half. There are only 2 motors to choose from, but the box now had 6 speeds, both on manual and automatic. At the same time the shift knob was moved to the center tunnel, for European countries.
The most beautiful and technologically advanced Ford Explorer, which is produced until today, appeared in 2010. This car has changed dramatically in everything. It has the biggest body, the most round shapes, and a huge number of optional extras. The basic package got climate and cruise control, a panoramic sunroof, and an advanced safety system.