Ford Mustang Owner's Manuals

The legendary Ford Mustang sports car has been on the road for about 60 years. Incredibly beautiful car comes off the assembly line in 1964, its first demonstration took place at the world exhibition in New York. It made an impression on all viewers then. The first generation was equipped with a 2.4 liter engine with a maximum speed of only 150 km/h. Optional V8 engines with 380 hp were available. There was also a choice of bodies: fastback, coupe and convertible. This model was produced until 1973. It was replaced by a slightly shorter Mustang, based on the Ford Pinto. The standard set received a 2.3 liter (90 hp) engine. Despite the weak engine and not very good handling, more than a million copies were sold.
The third generation was produced from 1978 to 1993. This model was not like the usual model. The metal was lighter, and the engines were equipped with a turbine. Its appearance is more square than the first model. In ’86, the Mustang was restyled with a boosted 4.9-liter V8 engine.
The 4th generation appeared in 1993. The car was created on a reinforced Camaro platform. The wheelbase was enlarged, disc brakes were added as standard, and ABS was installed. The choice of engines became wider. This Ford was produced as a coupe and convertible. In ’98 it got a nice restyling. Thus added good noise isolation, anti-skid system and independent rear suspension.
The fifth generation began production in 2004, and this model became the most popular in its history. It got a personal platform and a simple interior. A six-speed automatic transmission appeared.
The sixth and last generation appeared in 2014. Such a car is fully consistent with the sports car, but it has features of increased comfort and modern safety systems.