2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Owner's Manual

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2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Owner's Manual

You just have to look at this car – and you understand that it is a Golf. But the first thing that catches your eye is that it is a GTI. It’s great to drive, it’s very fast and at the same time it’s malleable – the Volkswagen Golf GTI is really the car of dreams.

Volkswagen Golf GTI looks not so much sporty as dynamic-expensive. Special scowl to the car gives the brand black grille with a hole in the red stripes, and the wide mouth of the air intake at the bottom of the front bumper makes it visually wider, as if emphasizing the athleticism.

As for the rear, there is a calmer picture: the rear part is decorated with a noticeable spoiler on the roof, a diffuser in the bumper and two nozzles of the exhaust system to let the driver understand who just about blew him off the road. In profile, the sixth Volkswagen Golf GTI is similar to its predecessor thanks to the same proportions and almost identical design of alloy wheel rims.

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