Dodge Dakota Owner's Manuals

The Dakota is a mid-size pickup that was first introduced in 1986. The vehicle combines practicality, driveability and economy. The Dakota compact pickup has quite high payload characteristics.
Externally, the car is massive and concentrates maximum power. Visually, the concept is fueled by a weighty grille with a crossover. The bottom line is launched on the bumper, which seems to sag under its weight.
The front light sources are produced in a modern style. The combination of turn signals, parking lights creates the impression that the road lighting is made in complex.
The changes did not affect the relief, but at the same time the shape became more angular, with clear outlines.
The third generation model was produced in 2005 and was represented by a pickup truck with a two- or four-door cab.
The developers used an identical platform as for the Durango. The model is longer than its predecessor, and it has a new rear and front suspension. The wheels now have five bolts on the wheels to minimize assembly costs.
Initially, the car was produced with a 3.7-liter V-shaped 6-cylinder engine or an 8-cylinder 4.7-liter engine. The engines are combined with automatic or manual 6-speed gearboxes.
The new restyled model received an update of the front end, as well as the interior. The cargo platform received built-in handrails, towing capacity increased to 3198 kg, and the option of heated seats was added. After 2010, the Dakota joined the Ram lineup. The model was discontinued in 2011.