2009 Dodge Dakota Owner's Manual

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2009 Dodge Dakota Owner's Manual

There are two options: Dodge Dakota Club Cab and Dakota Quad Cab. The standard Dodge Dakota Club Cab has a cab with two full doors and two “halves” that open against the movement. The four-door Dakota Quad Cab offers more space and comfort for passengers – at the expense of a smaller cargo area.

The vehicle design is a combination of power and maneuverability at the same time. The new model has improved front and rear suspensions. The grille with the trademark Dodge crosshair is so massive that it seems to be cut out of a single piece of metal. The lower edge is recessed into the bumper, as if sagging under its weight. Headlights are made in a more modern, technological style, and due to the large “turn signals” and “dimensions”, designed in a large circle, it seems that the car illuminates the way with four headlights.

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