Mini Cooper Owner's Manuals

The Mini Cooper has always been considered a compact three-door reliable car for British motorists. But with the growing needs of happy owners, the company is developing a five-door full-size car that can be safely used for long-distance travel. The latest models increase significantly in size and allow adults to be seated fully and even comfortably. The seating position of the car remains low, so you can feel the discomfort, which will have to get used to.
The model of the last years of production has changed externally: there are more round and blown body shapes. The headlight optics now work in automatic mode. There are small plastic skirts around the perimeter, the roof has not a small sunroof, which captures the first and second row of seats. The new line received a number of turbocharged engines for three cylinders and sporty interior. The manufacturers have taken care of increasing the trunk, with the unfolded rear seats its volume is as much as 940 liters.
The equipment of the Mini Cooper is considered premium, it proves the value of the car and the quality of the package. There are 7 airbags, cruise control, ABS, adaptive headlights, automatic parking and much more useful provision of a high level of comfort and safety. The campaign now offers new owners to change front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive, but at an additional cost if desired.