2005 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

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2005 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

All the technical “stuffing” Nissan 350Z, too, at the highest level. Both front and rear – multilever suspension. Transmission – six-speed manual, as an option it is possible to call a five-speed “automatic”. Differential is with in-built viscous clutch for self-locking at slipping. The thoroughly “perfected” aerodynamic kit of the Nissan 350Z allowed Nissan manufacturers to achieve impressive aerodynamics: in their words, Cx of the coupe is 0,29, and the total lift is zero!

The engine is a V-shaped 3.5-liter “six” VQ series. Especially for the model Nissan 350Z, it has been slightly modified – lightened pistons, rods and camshafts, readjusted intake and exhaust systems, having thus increased power up to 280 hp. It works on 98-m gasoline. Noiseless at idle, perfectly balanced, tractive and powerful, VQ35 engine will definitely please the driver with its capabilities. Up to “hundred” the car accelerates in less than 6 seconds.

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