2008 Ford Ranger Owner's Manual

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2008 Ford Ranger Owner's Manual

The Ford Ranger Single Cab is a two-seat rear- or four-wheel drive K4 pickup truck. It is also known as the Regular Cab. Restyled version of the fifth generation of the Range model with the factory index T6. The vehicle was presented to the general public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015.

The two-door version of the Ford Ranger retains all the exterior design features of its other configurations. In the updated version, the designers changed only the nose part of it, leaving untouched the well-drawn profile and the stern area of the SUV. Thus the truck got a massive grille, narrower headlamps and modified hood lid topography, and fog lights are now located in small rectangular recesses. Despite the shortened cab, the truck has the same overall length as the other versions, which gave it the biggest capacity of the cargo area, with a longitudinal loading space of 2317 mm.

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