2019 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

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2019 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

Volkswagen cross Up! (Volkswagen Cross Up!) – front-wheel drive hatchback of “A” class, model Up! with “off-road” design. First-generation facelift. The upgraded version of the car premiered in early November 2016, and it went on sale in February 2017.

Cross up! differs from the “standard” car both externally and internally. Outside, the model can be recognized by the front bumper, painted in a contrasting color to the body, as well as by the plastic overlays on the dodger around, especially standing out on the fenders of the car. Additional differences are plastic side moldings with the inscription cross up! instead of simple color line applied to the body of the model up!, rails on the roof, and special 16-inch wheels, available only with this model.

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