2021 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

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2021 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

With small dimensions of the car – 3600 mm of length, 1645 mm of width (without mirrors) and 1492 mm of height the car can boast a roomy for its class trunk: 250 liters as standard and 923 liters with folded backrests of the rear seats, while the loading platform is flat. If we talk about interior of the electric car, there will be no revelations: the same simple, but functional multitool, slightly cut below, on the dashboard under a huge black visor – a huge speedometer scale in the center (obviously, there is no tachometer on the left). In the center – the multimedia system and climate control unit, and on top of all the push-button wealth is mounted smartphone, which through the application “Maps + More” can be turned into a kind of docking station (navigation, music, display data on the trip and car status, you can mount smartphones with a diagonal up to 5.5 inches). The front panel is made in the style that VW marketers call “shark skin”. Perhaps the only significant difference from the cars with an internal combustion engine in the cabin is a pseudo gear lever, which mimics the look of a conventional automatic.

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