2020 Mazda 2 Owner's Manual

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2020 Mazda 2 Owner's Manual

The Mazda 2 (Mazda 2) is a B-class front-wheel drive hatchback, also known as Demio. The European premiere of the second generation of the model took place in October 2014.

The forerunner of the Mazda 2 of the current generation was the Hazumi concept car, although it was already clear that the design of the hatchback will be woven in accordance with the Kodo philosophy, which the Japanese company has already implemented in a number of its models, including the “three” and “six”, which, unsurprisingly, the “two” is very similar to.

By and large, it is completely incorrect to compare the Mazda 2 and the third generation. Besides that they strongly differ from each other externally, there is nothing common between them in everything else. Japanese, designing a new car, changed its dimensions (length 4060 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1495 mm), extended the hood, shifted the front axle by 80 mm closer to the front bumper, moved the same 80 mm front struts, revised the layout of the cabin to increase its usable space, and in general built a hatchback on a new platform.

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