Ford Fusion Owner's Manuals

The Ford Fusion is a five-door hatchback that began production in 2002. For its development, the fifth-generation Fiesta was taken as the basis. The company built a car with a body between a crossover and a regular passenger car. And this car has won the hearts of Ford fans. The car is designed for city driving, although it has high ground clearance and a good motor. Restyled version appeared in 2005, its chip were the lights, which smoothly dim after closing the car.
The basic package Fusin 2005 was equipped with heated windshield, acoustics and electric window lifters on the front doors. It also has two airbags and ABS. One disadvantage of this model is the gearbox, which can break down unexpectedly, and the engines, which strongly feel bad fuel quality. Unfortunately, there is not enough noise isolation in the cabin and the plastic is of poor quality, over time it begins to creak and rattle. Quality immobilizer was included as standard electronics, it is one of the top ten auto security systems.
The 5th generation Ford Fusion is another matter. For the European market the name of the car is Ford Mondeo. This car has a lot of advantages in contrast to its predecessor and competitors of its class. At a low cost of the car, it has an increased degree of safety, a very spacious interior. The car looks very stylish outside and inside. Tapered lights and headlights, good streamlining and cool specifications. There are three types of engines – regular gasoline, and in the top version there is a hybrid unit. The interior has received only high quality materials and a large number of modern gadgets for a comfortable ride, both for the driver and passengers.