2017 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

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2017 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

Interior design of the Ford Fusion can not be called exquisite. However, the purpose of the automobile doesn’t dispose to it. Stamped interior panels are dry embodiment of urbane style. Plastic, naturally, is “oak”. The extremely compact instrument panel consisting of a pair of round dashboards and inscribed electronic scales of fuel reserve and coolant temperature has strict oval shape and reminds a window in a diving helmet. The plastic and upholstery of the Ford Fusion is dark gray. The steering column is adjustable only in height. The dashboard is “strengthened” by four vertical lines, which make an impression that it is supported by belts. Of the put on a class of containers for small things Fusion can boast a retractable trough under the front passenger seat and a small container above the center console. The last, by the way, very successfully closed by the cover – and strangers your property does not obstruct your eyes, and your eyes do not harm, reflecting in the windshield.

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